Hauling Water In the Granite State
By President Mark Davis
November 21, 2019

We are very pleased to report that for the second year in a row we were asked to deliver a continuing education program for Dover (New Hampshire) Fire & Rescue. On November 14th we spent the day reviewing rural hitch and dump tank operations with engineers from the department. The program focused on executing the department's Rural Water Supply Standard Operating Guideline. Folks from several nearby mutual aid departments attended the program and brought tankers to use in the shuttle. The morning session was spent in the classroom reviewing the SOG and the best practices of transitioning from a rural hitch operation to a dump tank operation. As a side note, it was just 11-degrees Farenheit outside that morning, so the classroom work was much appreciated!

The afternoon was filled with practical activities reviewing drafting, rural hitch, and dump site operations. All of the attendees were very skilled in their craft as apparatus engineers and the 8-hr seminar provided a good opportunity to practice rural water supply skills in a primarily "city" environment. Dover Fire & Rescue has done a good job of preplanning water supply operations in those areas of the city with limited fire hydrant coverage and our seminar helped reinforce the importance of the SOG and use of mutual aid partners.

Many thanks to DC Craig Chabot and the folks at Dover Fire & Rescue for the great hospitality and logistical support.

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