What's on Your Tanker? #14 - More About Direct Fills
By President Mark Davis
December 13, 2018

During our 2017 rural water supply seminar in Barnwell, Alabama, we encountered a number of large capacity tankers with various fill connections. The 3,500-gallon tanker shown in this news story caught our attention because of its two, "Fireman's Friend" direct fill valves. One of the direct fill valves was a 4-inch and the other a 2-1/2-inch. Either of the valves allow for a 1,000 gpm+ fill rate and the 4-inch valve can go as high as 1,970 gpm. The internal "check" feature of the valve permits easy opening and closing without human intervention and the built-in diffuser allows the fill stream to be broken up inside the tank. The Fireman's Friend valve is becoming increasingly popular - especially in those areas where freezing temps are a concern because the working part of the valve "lives" inside the tank. During the Barnwell drill, crews loaded tankers using LDH and 2-1/2-inch hose lines depending on the tanker fill connections. The tanker shown in this story was able to load at well over the 1,000 gpm target rate.