What's on Your Engine Company #01 - Hancock, NH
By President Mark Davis
November 22, 2018

During our October dry fire hydrant installation in New Hampshire we had some extra time to look at a couple of rigs in the area. Hancock FD operates 14-Engine-1, a commercial chassis pumper that is outfitted to operate in a number of different non-hydranted water supply scenarios. The rig carries additional suction hose and a supply hose bed ready to support a "rural hitch" operation. It is always important to remember that the basic equipment complement as listed in NFPA 1901 is many times insufficient to support effective water supply operations in non-hydranted areas. Progressive FDs that have non-hydranted response districts know that carrying suction hose beyond the (2) 10-ft lengths minimum requirement is a best practice. Progressive FDs in non-hydranted areas also have standard procedures for water supply operations that are practiced and supported by folks in the immediate and surrounding areas.

Nice job Hancock FD on taking the extra effort to enhance your pumper's water supply capabilities.

Hancock FD's 14-Engine-1 is set-up for "rural hitch" operations.
Hancock FD's 14-Engine-1 is set-up for "rural hitch" operations.