The Amenia Mile...Pumping Water New York Style!
By President Mark Davis
August 30, 2018

On Sunday afternoon, August 26th, folks from several departments in Dutchess County, New York gathered at the Amenia Fire District to participate in a large-scale relay pumping drill. The drill was the culmination of our 8-hr LDH/Relay Pumping Seminar that was sponsored and hosted by the Amenia Fire District. A 5,300-ft lay of 5-inch LDH was used to examine the flow capabilities, pumping requirements, and best practices associated with pumping water over long distances. The drill also examined the use of in-line relay control valves.

Using just a source pumper (2000 gpm) and an attack pumper (1500 gpm) a peak flow of 857 gpm was achieved. Using a source pumper (2000), three relay pumpers (1500, 1250, 1500), and an attack pumper (1500), a peak flow of 1285 gpm was achieved. Interestingly enough, the 1250 gpm relay pumper was removed from the relay and the flow then peaked at 1356 gpm. Most likely, the discharge piping on the 1250 gpm proved flow restrictive.

In summary, participants were able to witness the flow capabilities of LDH, the advantages and disadvantages of different types of in-line control valves....and of course, they got to refine their hose packing skills.

Many thanks to the Amenia Fire District for hosting the seminar and providing excellent logistical support. A complete summary will be posted in a couple of weeks. The instructor for the one-day program was Mark Davis.

Units: Amenia Squad 31-12 (1500 gpm), Union Vale Engine 67-13 (2000 gpm), Sharon Engine 5 (1500 gpm), Millerton Engine 51-14 (1250 gpm), Dover Engine 36-12 (1500 gpm).