Hauling Water Hoosier Style - 1100 gpm in Indiana Produces A New Member of the 1,000 GPM Club!
By President Mark Davis
August 23, 2018

On August 19th, folks from the Wildcat Township VFD and throughout Tipton County, Indiana spent the afternoon hauling water for 2-hours uninterrupted as part of our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar. The drill culminated the weekend which was spent reviewing the best practices of hauling water with tankers. Four engines, seven tankers, and one ladder truck were used during the 2-hour water shuttle drill to haul water for a simulated structure fire. The highlight of the drill was the ability to flow more than 1,000 gpm during the last hour of the drill while having started flowing at the five-minute mark and never having flow interrupted. The folks arrived on scene and had a 500 gpm flow established within five minutes. By the 55-minute mark in the drill, flow was at 1,100 gpm where it remained for the remainder of the drill.

This performance resulted in the folks being awarded membership in the GotBigWater 1,000 GPM Club! Congratulations!

The program was funded by the Tipton County Foundation and the Wildcat Twp VFD. Instructors for the weekend were Mark Davis and Alan Butsch.

Units: Wildcat Engine 61, Wildcat Tanker 63, Wildcat Ladder 62, Madison Engine 51, Atlanta Engine 351, Duck Creek Engine 881, Sharpsville Engine 41, Madison Tanker 53, Cicero Tanker 24, Kempton Tanker 33, Sharpsville Tanker 43, Sheridan Tanker 61, and Bass Lake Tanker 14-85

grover August 21, 2018 at 3:48 PM
Congratulations. Happy for everybody involved. I planned on making it and had to cancel.