Water Supply Apparatus - Pump Trailer - Ringold, Oklahoma
By President Mark Davis
July 26, 2018

While delivering our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar in McCurtain County, Oklahoma back in March 2018, we had the opportunity to observe the use of a "unique" trailer-mount pumping system to load tankers. The trailer system was custom built for the Ringold VFD by Rowe CAFS, LLC out of Arkansas. The trailer used two, Hale HP400 pumps manifolded together in such a manner as to produce a 1,000 gpm+/- flow for loading tankers. The trailer carries 5-inch suction hose for drafting and a few lengths of 5-inch LDH for supplying water from the discharge side of the pumping system.

The primary concept behind the trailer was that a tanker loading station could be constructed without the need for a full-size pumper. In addition, the trailer can be towed behind most any kind of light-duty truck or SUV...which makes it easy to deploy. We were quite impressed with the design and operation of the trailer mount pumping system and thought we would share what we found.