Hauling Water - 1750 gpm in Pennsylvania Produces A New Member of the 1,000 GPM Club!
By President Mark Davis
July 19, 2018

On July 15th, units and crews from southern Chester County, Pennsylvania converged at the Herr's Snack Factory in Nottingham to haul water for 2-hours without interruption. The group was very successful and their success was awarded with being added to the GotBigWater 1,000 GPM Club. The 2-hour drill produced a peak flow of 1750 gpm during the last 30-minutes after starting out at 500 gpm at the 5-minute mark...all without ever interrupting the flow! The 1750 gpm flow tied for second place in most water ever flowed without interruption during one of our 2-hr ISO tanker shuttle drills.

The drill was the culmination of our 16-hr Rural Water Supply Operations Seminar which was sponsored and hosted by the Union Fire Co 1 of Oxford, PA. All classroom work was done at the Herr's Factory Visitor Center and all practical work was done on factory grounds. The support provided by Herr's was superb and illustrated an excellent partnership with community emergency responders.

Ten tankers and five engines were used to support the tanker shuttle operation and units hauling water traveled a 3.4-mile roundtrip. A complete summary of the drill will be posted in a couple of weeks. Instructors for the weekend were Mark Davis and Alan Butsch.

Units: Union Engine 21-1, Union Engine 21-2, Union Engine 21-4, Union Tanker 21, West Grove Tanker 22, Avondale Tanker 23, Cochranville Engine 27-1, West Grove Engine 22-2, Po-Mar-Lin Tanker 36, Concordville Tanker 59, Kennett Twp Tanker 24, Longwood Tanker 25, Cochranville Tanker 27, Hockessin Tanker 19, Quarryville Tanker 57, and Union Ladder 1.